Video-Tech–Tronics is please to announce that we have been acquired by Engineered Protection Systems, Inc. http://www.epssecurity.com

Engineered Protection Systems, Inc. was founded in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1955. What began as a modest, local operation with a handful of employees has blossomed into a multi-state company with more than 200 employees, three additional Michigan branch offices and thousands of satisfied customers.

Over the past decade, EPS has more than doubled in size. We currently rank as one of the top 30 largest security providers in the nation. However, we’re not a giant national company out of touch with our customers, nor do we aspire to be one. We offer the stability, experience, skills and technology of a national provider; yet the people who manage EPS are the same local people who own it. We are your neighbors.

Our growth is a direct result of our commitment to our customers. In fact, one of our very first alarm customers is still with us today – a 50+ year relationship that stands the test of time because of our commitment to service. You won’t find a local alarm company that can point to a similar track record.

Since 1970 Video-Tech-Tronics has made absolute customer satisfaction our mission.  Our success in the security marketplace, and your safety, is founded on the quality design, installation, and maintenance of integrated security, fire alarm, access control, video surveillance, nurse call, intercom, sound and clock systems.

We’re not satisfied until you’re completely satisfied.  That means delivering systems and support on-time and within budget.  We are available 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week.  Our foremost goal is to meet your security needs.  All of your needs, all of the time.